Messaging & positioning

From the outset, you’ll find us developing and refining your messaging, or at the very least testing what already exists.

We firmly believe that this process is about enabling you and your business to find a place in the market that is credible, differentiated and unique.

We’ll also dig deeper into your intended audiences to understand the things that make them tick.

PR & media

Every day we deliver powerful, results driven, PR & media campaigns that enable you and your business to unlock new relationships in the market and shape and influence industry thinking.

Drawing on deep sector experience, coupled with an unrivalled understanding of the global renewable energy and clean technology landscape, our campaigns pack a punch.

Public affairs

We shape powerful public affairs programmes, via direct or indirect political engagement, that bolsters your support and gets your voice heard.

Our track record of success within the UK market is technology agnostic and dates back years. Throughout it all, each campaign has helped enact and instil real political change.

Content creation & copywriting

Our in-house team of writers, editors and digital experts stands ready to create your content programme to build awareness and engagement for your brand.

Whatever your content needs, we’re here to work with you to provide copy that is compelling and insightful across different mediums - whether blog posts for your website or social media, technical white papers or reports that require a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand.


If you want your website, digital, or hard copy resources to be impactful in a way that resonates with your audiences we have the in-house design expertise.

Our industry knowledge and cutting edge design and creativity skills deliver striking visuals to align with your market positioning.

Hitting the front page of the Financial Times was a massive commercial coup for the business – it’s already generated direct sales leads.
Ed Mahlum
Global Manager of Energy Marketing and Offering, Vaisala

Our credentials

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