From development to operation, we are proud to celebrate the work our clients undertake all around the world. 


Irrespective of whether we’re working with developers or manufacturers, contractors or consultants, our renewable industry experience runs deep.We’d go as far as to say that when it comes to the international renewable energy markets, it’s our street smart, sector specific understanding that makes us stand out. 


The net result?  It means that when our clients brief us, we don’t just look to understand the task in hand.  Instead, we want to lift the lid on the nature of the business itself.


We think it’s this ability to understand the true commercial drivers behind you and your business – and go beyond the usual greenwashing – that sets us apart from the pack. 


Oh, and there’s one other thing. 


When Adam, our Managing Director, first set up shop, he committed to this market.  So much so, that at the very same time he opened for business, he also established and founded an exclusive wind finance and investor community, known as A Word About Wind.


That thinking, locked within that paid-for, exclusive membership community, is a standalone business in its own right and it shapes the advice and consultancy that we deliver, to this day.