From shipyard to shipping, we’ve developed and built the profile and reputation of some of the savviest of seafarers. 


Let’s get one thing clear.  We’re not sailors! However, we know an awful lot of seagoing folk. And when it comes to developing and delivering against an effective maritime marketing, media and communications strategy, we’ve certainly gotten our sea legs.


In real terms, what that means is that we understand the commercial mechanics and drivers that drive the maritime markets – both on a national and international level. 


We understand and appreciate the need to create genuine and credible engagement with your customers, your prospects and the wider market – no matter how ‘niche’ your offering - and we understand the impact that this engagement has on you and your business, both today and twelve months from now.


Over the past decade, we’ve been helping maritime organisations to refine their message, set themselves apart, and take a stance on the major issues affecting the industry. For our clients, it’s led to high profile results in the international media, and, in turn, a tangible influence and foothold in the maritime markets that matter most.


To break this down, some of the main benefits that we deliver for our maritime clients include:


  • In-depth messaging advice that helps them articulate their key points of difference in terms that will be understood by their entire audience – from deckhand, to senior management, to investor
  • A steady drip-feed of positive, unbiased editorial endorsement in the international media, with a scope that extends far beyond the usual cycle of vessel launch announcements and charter wins
  • The ability to raise awareness of key commercial challenges facing the sector and establish a thought leadership position amongst maritime organisations – whether at the major maritime events or via targeted initiatives such as in-depth report or seminar programmes
  • Introductions and opportunities to build relationships with key influencers, not just on the editorial side, but also throughout the maritime sector


To find out more about the work we undertake for trade associations, boat builders, charter service firms and many more, check out our customer credentials.