From financial advisories to fast-growth funds, from investors to insurers, our campaigns ensure absolute engagement.

We know a thing or two about what really makes the markets tick. These days, much of our financial services activity is geared to support and drive the international renewable energy markets, although it’s not always been this way. 


Indeed, over the past 15 years our senior team has worked with institutional investors, private equity units, financial advisories, international banks and fast growth funds. Central to our success in the market today, is our knowledge and understanding of why and how this critical area of the global economy drives sector success and industry growth.


That, and the strength of our own contact book, of course.  Since, from the very start, we’ve made a conscious effort to go out of our way to build trusted relationships in the market.


For the renewable energy markets specifically, that approach is supported by a carefully managed working relationship with the exclusive wind finance and investor community, known as A Word About Wind


The thinking within that community, a standalone business that forms a part of our parent firm, The Tamarindo Group, shapes the advice and consultancy that we deliver, to this day.