Why Your Company News is Important

The words ‘company news’ don’t exactly capture the imagination. Relegated to the smallest of subsections on the websites of your favourite trade publications, appointment stories, staff expansion figures and office openings very rarely make the headlines – unless you run a major multinational.

Nonetheless, businesses tend to underestimate the importance of their company news. After all, a new office opening, or the appointment of a new director, is a big milestone for a business, and can help bring its overall strategy to life.

Granted, a gushing and self-indulgent press release isn’t going to make the editorial cut, and thus won’t help your company tell its story.

But more commonly, businesses don’t do enough to shout about their successes.

Below are a few things to bear in mind as you consider the merits of your company news.

It’s not all about you.

Yes, you may have just opened a brand new Brazilian office, but the details are only really of interest to a journalist when set into a wider market context. A successful company announcement, from a media perspective, uses your news as a vehicle for commentary on the sector and takes the opportunity to deliver valuable thought leadership. Consider the broader reasons why you’ve chosen to set up shop in São Paulo. What does this say about the state of the Brazilian market as a whole? Which market dynamics have led you to this decision and is it likely that others may follow suit?

Identify your target media.

Let’s face it – your appointment story probably isn’t going to make the front page of the Financial Times. But don’t dismiss those ‘company news’ and ‘city moves’ sections.

Additionally, have you considered local media? Regionals are always on the lookout for strong local investment angles and, when positioned correctly, company success stories can make local headlines. Even if all your business is international, don’t be afraid to raise your profile regionally. Local reputation is both important and increasingly indivisible from your efforts to forge a positive reputation globally.

Go Direct

The chances are you’ve already spent considerable time and effort to build up your company’s digital presence and following.  This represents the perfect outlet for your company news!  Your social media followers, blog subscribers or other such digital audiences have actively opted in to receive updates about your business and its progress. Don’t forget to give them what they want!

Think long-term.

Some company news announcements pass with a small ripple, rather than a big splash. But don’t let that obscure the longer term gains on offer.  

If your announcement introduces the company to a new set of stakeholders, then it is doing a job for you.  If it starts to associate your brand with a new region or discipline among the minds of your customers and partners, then it’s laying the foundations for deeper engagement in the future.

Moreover, any announcement you make, no matter how large or small, represents another brick in your reputational wall.  As an individual item, it may not set the world on fire. But when audiences come to review your story as a whole, they’ll appreciate an insight into how the wall was built.

The main point here is that, approached in the right manner, your ‘company news’ should form an integral part of your overall communications strategy. Celebrate your milestones, and consider what they contribute to the story of your business and its market.

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