Google search reveals there to be over 9,000 curry houses in London alone. With so much competition in play, and all other things being equal, these businesses have to give their customers a good reason to walk through their doors.

The renewable energy space is no different, and, in an attempt to stand out from your competitors, it can be tempting to position yourself as the ‘jack of all trades’ – a one-stop-shop for anything your target market might require. But we all know how that adage ends, and being the ‘master of none’ is the quickest way to ensure your business is lost in the crowd of competitors.

While it may seem counterproductive, often the best remedy is for a business to use its specialist skills and internal expertise to truly focus in on one corner of the market, and make it its own.

But, having done so, a very particular communications challenge emerges. Having specialised to this extent, how can you attract customers beyond those in your immediate niche market?

It’s a problem we’ve seen time and time again, but one we’re ideally placed to help resolve. The secret? Embracing those specialist qualities, leveraging your unique skillset and communicating why that niche is more important than it might appear.

In practical terms, this means demonstrating how, while you may be a small cog in a larger wheel, you remain indispensable if that wheel is to keep turning. Doing so allows you to tie your own projects and activities into the bigger picture stories with which your industry is concerned.

For instance, at first glance the intricacies of wind turbine maintenance might not make for the most compelling of news stories.

But considered against the backdrop of a burgeoning wind industry – and perhaps a high profile breakdown – a well-timed communications campaign can move these skills to the forefront of people’s minds within the industry.

Equally, the ability to comment concisely and authoritatively on a niche area will allow you to corner it off. Being seen to comment on a niche area can also result in the media coming back to you again and again, whenever it becomes topical – which in turn sustains campaign momentum and bolsters your position as the ‘go to’ expert.

Lastly, your communications strategy can also draw on the experience you’ve built up within your primary market, and use that to leverage your skills and expertise across industry lines.

In the end, when communicated effectively, that ‘niche’ you find yourself in may be more of a strategic asset than a constraint.

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